About Us


Apex Health Innovations values community partnerships and greater understanding of the struggles facing ESKD patients, their loved ones and professionals navigating the kidney transplant journey.

We strive to solve the problems contributing to barriers of access to kidney transplant through technology and professional experiences of its team.

We aim to connect transplant and dialysis professionals to communicate more effectively in order to support patients pursuing kidney transplant, with the goal of the patient receiving and maintaining the kidney transplant in order to pursue their personal quality of life goals.


Our team is comprised of Nephrology Social Workers, Health Economists, and Technology Experts with over 75 years combined industry knowledge and experience in dialysis, and kidney transplantation. Led by Rich Mutell, a true visionary passionate about supporting providers and, empowering patients in pursuit of kidney transplant.


APEX Health Innovations first began working with the Southeast Kidney Transplant Coalition (SEKTx), as a partner in the kidney disease community for the past 6 years. We share a common goal of eliminating health disparities in access to kidney transplantation among African Americans with End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD) patients who are living in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. As a part of this process, TREX has been rolled out in Network 6 to dialysis and transplant providers in the Southeast.  

Today, APEX Health Innovations is an active partner with the nation’s leading dialysis organizations serving over 3400 dialysis centers in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. We build custom platforms to enhance documentation requirements and transplant referral processes for kidney patients, social workers and clinicians. TREX accomplishes this by successfully partnering with dialysis organizations, ESRD Networks, community nephrologists and transplant center