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TREX Kidney Tranplant Referral Exchange

Transplant is a very overwhelming and lonely process with many twists and turns along the way. All too often, patients are very hesitant in starting the journey are drop out during due to the many barriers that exist along the way. TREX created the application with the patient and their social support system in mind.

TREX Patient Application proactively engages patients in their transplant journey (accurately reflects where patient is in the process, including upcoming appointments and tests) and features:

  • Ability to engage family and friends by inviting them to learn more about transplant and living donation and ways they can support the patient during the transplant journey
  • Increase knowledge about risks/benefits of transplant and living donation
  • Raise patient confidence in pursuit of finding a living donor through education    
  • Invite potential living donor to initiate the donation process through TRE LD portal

Powered by TREX technology, TREXCompare was developed with the patient’s needs in mind. Because there are no two transplant centers alike, each having their own inclusion/exclusion criteria for recipients and living donors.

TREXCompare takes these differences and provides patients with the ability to compare 1-5 transplant centers at a glance. TREXCompare features are presented using a patient-friendly application which includes:

  • Absolute and relative contraindications
  • Support Programs
  • List of minimum evaluation tests, procedures, labs required to complete prior to waitlisting (more tests may be needed to meet waitlisting status).
  • SRTR Metrics and Outcome Data
  • TREX Metrics
  • Transplant Program Unique Attributes 

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