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TREX Kidney Tranplant Referral Exchange
TREX Dialysis
TREX Dialysis

Send complete referrals the first time from the comfort of your computer rather than standing over a the fax machine.  With TREX, you’ll receive confirmation the referral has been received by the transplant center. When the referral is viewed you will be notified in real-time.  You’ll also know your patient’s status.


  • Bidirectional communication between the dialysis clinic and transplant center
  • Check the transplant status of all patients in real-time
  • Receive alerts of upcoming patient appointments, outstanding tests and labs
  • Manage waitlisted patients more accurately
TREX Transplant
TREX Transplant

Receiving referrals that are incomplete and unclear is a constant problem.  With TREX, you’ll receive your referrals that are clear and complete the first time.  All patients referred from a TREX enable dialysis center will be housed in your TREX dashboard providing you access to your patient’s electronic referral records.


  • Receive complete referrals the first time
  • Send real-time Updates to your referral sources
  • Come to a referral acceptance or denial faster
  • Communicate bi-directionally with your referral sources
  • Eliminate double data entry through EMR integration


TREX Lite is a free application available to any kidney transplant center in the US. This application provides metrics on transplant center referrals from all actively referring dialysis centers. In addition, with TREX Lite, transplant centers can access the following:


  • Configure referral form specific to your center’s needs
  • Set required referral documents
  • Configure TREX Compare features:
    • Add and align support programs
    • Assess referral trends
    • Identify gaps in referral geography

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