TREX (Transplant Referral Exchange)

What is TREX?  TREX – Transplant Referral Exchange is cloud-based HIPAA compliant suit of application accessed by patients, dialysis, and transplant care providers to manage transplant journey from referral through waitlisting.

How do we do this? We do this by building transplant – dialysis provider synergy while enhancing patient engagement to facilitate successful kidney transplantation.                                                                                                                                                        

The TREX application helps providers manage the referral process, while also recording and tracking the progress of patients who are interested in pursuing a kidney transplant. Through a secure application, real-time records can be shared electronically between a dialysis provider and a transplant center using our applications. 

This cloud-based, HIPAA compliant application improves the management of patient referrals between CKD/Dialysis organizations and Transplant centers which has been shown to save time. It also improves accuracy of records being sent the first time and allowing real- time communication. As a result, TREX affords providers the ability to spend more time towards patient care.

Why is TREX the best kidney transplant referral care-coordination solution for transplant centers, dialysis clinics, (CKD) Chronic Kidney Disease management and patients?                                                               

Bridging the gaps in transplant and dialysis center communication and continuity in supporting patient’s pursuit of transplant

  • Dynamic Referral requirements based on transplant center’s criteria.
  • Standardized and speedy referral process. Submit/Receive complete referrals only based on transplant center requirements.
  • Explicit acknowledgment of referral received and complete
  • Communication about the patient transplant status captured in a systemic and organized method.
  • Ability to alert dialysis of transplant center staff on patient-focused challenges with keeping appointments.
  • Ability to share In-workup schedule with dialysis staff
  • Transplant center referral status updates in real-time available for dialysis staff.
  • Time in referral status alerts.      
  • Comparable metrics on patient progression through the transplant referral process across centers.
  • Ability to post pertinent letters such as denial/not a candidate, referral closeout notification documents
  • Maintain active waitlisting status by providing updated records for annual evaluations

Enhance Patient Engagement (TREXPatient Application)

  • Patient application that provides appointment reminders, communicate changes in demographics/insurance to transplant center, and informs patients where they are in their transplant journey
  • Patient application to educate patient and social support network about the risks and benefits of transplant and living donation. Interactive education modules, short videos, fun facts, test your knowledge.

Dynamic Data Reporting Metrics

  • Ability to respond quickly and completely to survey inquires                                        
  • Understand the Patient Transplant Journey
  • Identify recurring challenges and opportunities for process improvements
  • Provider facing transplant SRTR outcomes
  • Aggregate reporting to Network automatically captured monthly.               
  • Improved communication with Network Special projects and initiatives (QIP, ETC)